Friday, 7 November 2008

Wine in abundance (a plug for Wine Selectors)

Yesterday I returned home to find four cases of wine at my back door. How marvellous! Three were there because I had ordered them. The fourth was my second of two automatic allotments for the year. I confess I hadn't expected it to arrive at the same time.

So what did I order? Well, I'm stocking up for Summer. There's a case of mixed Rose, a case of mixed sparkling red and three bottles (OK, so it's not quite a case, but it's in its own box!) of sticky whites. The fourth is a case of mixed reds, which is what I usually get.

As a result of all this, I'm swimming in bottles of wine at present -- not necessarily a bad thing. It's Friday evening after all. In the face of such abundance, I naturally cracked one open to drink (a Cab Sav).

I should add that I ordered all this from my wonderful wine club, Wine Selectors, which I utterly recommend. The club has a tasting panel to put together fabulous mixed cases at extremely reasonable prices. My 'wine plan' delivers typically four mixed red cases a year, each containing wines from a particular region (somehow I convinced them to send me two per year instead of four). I'm billed automatically for these regional series cases, plus can order at will from catalogues and e-mail newsletters with special deals. I've found this is a good mix. I always have plenty of excellent red that arrives automatically, plus can supplement with whatever takes my fancy.

And the best thing is that I never have to go to a bottleshop and stare despairingly at row upon row of wine. I always have it in the cupboard -- and it's all excellent.

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