Saturday, 7 February 2009


Today has been hot. Very hot. In fact, the hottest day EVER (on record). And then there was that hideous final week of January, where we had five scorchers in a row, three of which were over 43 degrees.

I think it's some form of karma -- after all, during December all we did was moan and groan about how we weren't getting a summer. Ha!

It was like walking into a blast furnace today. The temperature reached 46.4 degrees, with high winds and dust and leaves scouring the skin. And bushfires. Worse than Ash Wednesday (16 Feb 1983) and Black Friday (13 Jan 1939). Terrible fires. I wonder what today will become known as?

As I write this, a siren wails past and a much-needed rain shower sends in the smell of damp dust and concrete through my windows straining open as wide as they can go. Because it's much cooler now. The cool change -- that blessed cool change -- came through just before 5:30, and now is around 28 degrees outside.

No respite for the fire fighters though.

It's a bit like judgement day out there, really, what with floods in Queensland and the great freeze in the UK. Seems like extreme weather is everywhere at present.


  1. I'll go for Searing Saturday. Rain shower -- what rain shower? We didn't get that out west. :-(

  2. Hope the firefighters get the rain! Those fires look horrendous.