Thursday, 12 February 2009


Two events this week have sent me back to peruse my photos from my 1995 trip to Alaska. And neither had anything to do with the bushfires.

The first event was my starting to read our Page Turners book for this month -- Into the wild, by Jon Krakauer. It's the true story of 24 yr old Chris McCandless, who embarked on the ultimate 'boy's own adventure' in the Alaskan interior -- and ultimately died of starvation after 4 months. The place where he camped and died in 1992 is very near Mt Healy (which, according to my photos, I half climbed -- thank heavens I labelled the photos!) on the outskirts of Denali NP.

The second event was an unexpected note on facebook from someone I met on that same trip. Wendy had been on an island working with bears as a park ranger, and we met on the 'Inside Passage' ferry from Skagway to Seattle. We got along very well and kept in touch for a while, but ultimately lost contact. It was fabulous to hear from her out of the blue -- and it was this which finally sent me flipping through my photo album.

That trip to Alaska was my second overseas trip taken in the second year of my post-graduate studies. I spent time in Vancouver and surrounds, then joined a camping tour group up through British Colombia and the Yukon in Canada, and then across the 'Top of the world' highway into Alaska. It was an amazing trip -- great people (none of whom I'm in contact with), and many wonderful sights -- including seeing the northern lights, which was a huge highlight.

Unfortunately, none of those '95 photos are digital, so without a scanner I can't post one! But I've found one via google that is typical of Mount Mc Kinley (the highest peak in North America) in Denali NP.

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