Wednesday, 25 February 2009

four days is a start

Had a great few days down at the island, and successfully got back into the novel. I don't think I've found 'the zone' yet, however. That's still to come. Nevertheless, I have now written something on four consecutive days, which is a positive step. Today's word tally is unimpressive, but I didn't get started until after 10pm and although I've written for the required hour, I'm tired, so I'm not too worried. Tomorrow will be a challenge, because I have something on in the evening that could go until late. Am I up to the 6am start? My yawn tells me no . . . can I conquer mornings?


  1. Ellen!
    "... I'm tired, so I'm not too worried." !!!!
    Warning bells. This is how it starts. First the excuses, then the slacking off follows.
    Make changes to make it happen.

    It's like a runner saying, "I'm second. I could win this race, but you know what, I've done well, I'm a bit tired, I'll just plod along and take second place."

    No! You've got to start saying "I'm second. I'm tired. But the other runner is in sight. I know I can catch up to them. I know I can go past them. I KNOW I CAN WIN!"

    Now, I know that you're not doing sports. But you have to teach that little voice to tell you "keep going, keep writing, do better", whereas at the moment it's telling you "it's ok, you're a bit tired, done well, take a break".

    You go girl!

  2. Ouch! I think you're being a bit harsh!

    I'm feeling pretty happy that I've actually written something every day for the past week (which includes two early morning starts on Thursday and Friday) after many months of nothing at all. I think you misinterpreted my 'tired' comment. I had already pushed thorugh the tiredness to write for an hour quite late at night and because of this was not beating myself up about the fact that I didn't write as much as I might have had I not been tired. You can't force words, you know. You can only force yourself to sit at the computer and try to think of them. Which is what I did.

    I stand by my achievement and welcome positive vibes only please.