Thursday, 19 February 2009

Movie Trifecta

After a relative drought of movies in the past year, I've seen three in the past few weeks:
  • Vicky Christina Barcelona - a quirky Woody Allen movie about love in its various guises
  • Rachel getting married - a drama about family relationships and dealing with past tragedy
  • He's just not that into you - a chick flick with an all-star cast also about love and commitment in their various guises

Must say it's nice to be back in the groove of going to the cinema.

Of the above three, the one that has had me thinking the most is Rachel getting married. The performances were fabulous. It is a raw film, fraught with emotion and tension -- remorse, anger, resentment. When Kym leaves rehab to attend her sister Rachel's wedding for the weekend, their surface civility rapidly disintegrates into simmering discord. Their father skirts them, a peacemaking satellite, shadowed by their stepmother. And then there's their mother, a detached figure, who seems to not want to get too close, despite the fervent love both girls feel for her.

The climax of the film, centred around recrimination, guilt and grief from a past tragedy, is amazing and shocking. And although some relationships are repaired, others are left with a big question mark. This lack of symmetry at the end was one of the things that really stayed with me. It highlighted that sometimes relationships can't be repaired, no matter what you try. And no-one is necessarily at fault, it's just tragic circumstance.

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