Monday, 16 February 2009

Right brain v left brain test!

OK, you have to go to the Herald Sun web site, because the gif doesn't appear to work here.

Do you see the dancer spinning clockwise or anti-clockwise?

If clockwise, you are more right-brained (creative, philosophical, impetuous . . . .)

If anti-clockwise, you are more left-brained (logical, facts-based, practical . . . .)

Can you make it change direction? Can you guess how I see it?


  1. Definitely clock-wise for me! I tried and tried... but don't think I could get it going the other way if my life depended on it! Reminds me of trying to do those Magic Eye things in the early days....

  2. Ok. Get this. For me, the upper body is turning clockwise, the lower body is turning anticlockwise. No kidding. This is resulting in a very weir effect.

  3. Clockwise for me too. It took me half an hour at least to get it to change direction, and now I can do it at will with considerable effort. I can't stop looking at it!

    The split rotation sounds very strange indeed!

  4. for me, she started out clockwise, then about 20 seconds later she changed to anti-clockwise - split personality perhaps?

  5. Ok, ok, ok. So I am really dumb.

    Now I have actually visited the link, and seen the siluette spinning. It definitely spins clockwise for me.

    This puzzles me, because I read left brain functions (anti clockwise) and I see "logic, detail, facts, maths and science, forms strategies" and I think "that's me".

    Then I read right brain functions (clockwise) and it says "big picture, imagination, symbols, philosophy and religion, believes, appreciates, spatial perception, fantasy, risk taking" and I think "that's me too". But this part of me, is perhaps the not so obvious, not so "on the surface" part of me.


  6. clock-wise. but i got her to go the other way relatively easily and then freaked out 'cause what if i was now stuck being left brain? so i switched her back.

  7. LOL, yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Who wants to be left-brained? Definitely not me. I keep checking to see whether it's still going clockwise! (I still find it quite hard to get it to switch, although I can get it now in a few seconds.)

    However, in truth I must say I'm surprised all us engineer/science types are right-brained. Do you think the instructions are wrong?

  8. Hmm, have to say I've very suss. I can only see it going clockwise. If I don't look at it directly, I can see it going anti-clockwise, but from the second I actually look at it I can only see clockwise.

    I've done other left-right brain tests and always, always, always come out as extremely left-brained (while my other writing friends always come out right-brained or borderline).

    And all of your results here... I'm suss.