Thursday, 9 April 2009

In Kinsella mode

I think I might have to write a short post about Sophie Kinsella, British author of 'chick lit' novels that are very funny and light-hearted and fabulous for time out. My experience of chick lit is limited -- I think I have only read Helen Fielding, including of course the wonderful Olivia Joules and the overactive imagination.

But this post is about Sophie Kinsella, who has written many more novels than HF, thereby providing far more opportunity for obsessing.

Initially, I was listening to her novels as audio books, starting with the first 3 in the 'Shopaholic' series, followed by The Undomestic Goddess. I enjoyed all immensely, despite being frustrated by her Becky Bloomwood character (being a little less intelligent than my favoured heroines). Samantha in The Undomestic Goddess is definitely more intelligent, although foolish in a different way. I'm not sure why Kinsella has her heroines act so foolishly, but it certainly leads to some amusing scenarios. All four novels were great in audio mode, providing great incentive for the walk to work.

Most recently I actually lashed out and bought her latest novel, Remember Me. And once again I thoroughly enjoyed it, this time as ideal holiday reading. In fact, I devoured it in two days. It has been so long since I have done that -- completely immersed myself in a novel, read on the train, read until the early hours of the morning, slouched around and read in the evenings etc., that I feel all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it. Just what the doctor ordered. Remember Me is light and devourable and funny . . . and sadly over.

So I will now declare myself a Kinsella fan. It's not literature, or weighty, or 'worthy'; but it IS well plotted, competantly written, entertaining, and not completely lacking in substance. If I can write something half as well received by my intended audience, I will be ecstatic.


  1. All reading is good reading for a writer. You never know what you might be able to take from her into your own work. (And that might be nothing... Who knows?)

    She probably has them acting foolishly for exactly the reason you said -- the comic element.

    I haven't read her, but I might get one to have a look. But I have to do some serious fantasy reading first! I've been reading widely, but not so much in my genre lately, and catching up on that is going to be the best bit of all!

  2. I did mean to add: thanks for the tip!

  3. I think she plots well.

    I've added another one to the collection: 'Can you keep a secret', which I bought in Singapore and have just spent the entire flight reading! (I needed something lighter than Possession, which, while excellent, was a bit too demanding of my focus on a plane!)

  4. Firstly, I didn't realise you were blogging while you were away, so I haven't been here for weeks. I've caught up on all your posts now, though.

    I haven't read Kinsella, which I guess is odd seeing as I'm more prone to read this genre than you! Your tip could come at a better time as I'm looking for lightweight reading to take on our upcoming trip. sounds like Kinsella will fit the bill nicely!

  5. I meant couldn't come at a better time - der!