Saturday, 16 May 2009

Charged and determined; discipline to follow

No posts this week because I've been writing writing writing -- and gee it feels good! I feel as though I'm starting to get my momentum back. However, I must admit that I've been working on a single scene since Sunday. It's the 'intimate moment' scene, which desperately needed rewriting from the first draft, and although it's taken quite some time to yield a result I'm happy with, the effort has been worth it.

I've spent most of this evening reading over the original draft of the next little section, and trying to figure out which bits I think will stay and which are likely to go. I've decided that a sizable chunk of it is still OK and will require only minor editing -- but that means that the chapter(s) I rewrite preceding it need to end up in the right place to allow that to happen. I can't take it off in some different direction that will render the use of those scenes impossible. This is actually quite a challenge in some ways, but at least it will help give my rewriting some direction.

I've just planned out a gruelling schedule for the next five months. Basically I want to try to get through a chapter a week, which should have me finished this year. It's ambitious. Really ambitious. But I'm going to put a lot of stuff on hold to try to get it done. Frankly, the whole thing has been going on long enough. It's time for some closure!

I have two milestones to meet in the next couple of months. One is a submission to the latest Hachette Australia manuscript development program, for which I need a better synopsis and first chapter. This is due July 24th latest. The other is the cutely named 'WriMoFoFo' (write more for four) challenge some of the members of my writing group are going to attempt. The deal is 20,000 new words in four weeks, or 15,000 words of rewrite/editing. Since this is about the pace I'm going to have work at anyway, it'll help me get into the groove! The dates for this are 13 June to 12 July.

I'm feeling quite charged actually, and determined. I hope I can find some discipline as well, because without that, all the best intentions will come to naught.

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