Monday, 8 June 2009

Brainstorming on the beach

This morning I walked into Cowes along the beach. My aim was threefold: walk the dog (can get away with letting him off the lead which makes it much more pleasant walking for me), get a coffee (I am now addicted to a daily Cafe latte, and if I don't get one at least can become cranky), and brainstorm some plot ideas.

Now, I don't usually do much plotting when I walk. Normally I've either got headphones on, or I end up thinking about the last thing I read . . . but this morning I was determined and all alone on the beach. Which meant of course that I could mutter ideas to myself in order to work things out.

I have found in the past that singing helps me plot -- ie I sing nonsense tunes, with the lyrics comprising plot ideas. Not the sort of thing you want an audience for, believe me. However, I have come up with some of my more spectacular plot ideas this way. I maintain that with my conscious brain focusing on making it sound nice and tuneful (as you do), my subconscious brain is able to gain some footing.

Not that I was singing this morning, but I was verbalising. (Does this make me an extrovert after all?) There were some scenes I was rewriting that were no longer going to work, given some of the other things I had changed. Which was a bit of a shame, really, since I had intended to reuse one of the chapters almost in entirety. Not anymore. It all has to be rewritten. Oh well.

The funny thing is that in the space of a morning's walk I made/planned some fairly significant changes. Not significant to the overall story, but I ditched a whole character and substituted another in her place. It makes a heap more sense now. I also changed the order in which some things happen played off against certain revelations. So I think that'll be tighter too. (Bearing in mind I still am yet to write said scenes!)

It was a productive weekend in all, although I am dismally behind in the WriMoFoFo. I have written just over 9,300 words, which puts me at 62% of target with just under a week to go. However, the next 'official' WriMoFoFo begins next Saturday, so I'll lose the last few days of this one. Nevermind. Over 9,000 words in three weeks is about where I need to be, so I'll just keep plugging away!

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