Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Movie - Cheri

Last night I saw Cheri, a film about the world of high-class French courtesans in the early 19th century. The title character was not, as I had supposed, Michelle Pfieffer's character Lea, an aging but still beautiful courtesan, but the nickname of her young lover, the son of one of her contemporaries.

This movie is visually stunning. The whole way through I marvelled at the gowns Michelle P got to wear, many of them with elbow length sleeves and relatively demure necklines. But the fabrics! The colours! The use of broad waistbands and layers of silk! And the hats!

It's a movie about love and age and that old adage: "If you love someone, set them free . . ."

We had an interesting start to our movie, because the sound didn't work properly, but we didn't immediately realise it. Here we were watching the credits to the tune of sweeping music, when the characters started talking silently without the music abating. I took it for stylised opening credits, and assumed that the music would fade out and voices fade in at some point. Only it didn't seem to be happening. And then I leaned over and asked whether there was ANY talking in this film, to be met with a bemused shrug.

And then the people behind us harrumphed and called the technicians!

It turned out that there was in fact supposed to be a theatrical narrative overplaying the ENTIRE credits, as well as parts of the movie! Setting the scene and explaining who the main characters were, and filling in various details. Never would have guessed. I was thinking it was going to be some modern take on a silent movie! Very funny.

Anyway, turns out all they needed to do was reboot a computer, so all was fine after a slightly delayed start.

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