Sunday, 6 September 2009

Aussiecon 4: comms team

This afternoon I went to a brainstorming meeting with the Aussiecon 4 comms team. It's an interesting turn of events, actually, since I've never been on the organising side of a SF con. I find myself loitering on the verge of becoming involved after a social dinner last weekend, at which I met the co-chair of the con and my involvement in media and publicity was revealed.

I went to today's meeting in the role of 'advisor' and 'insight provider' although I was somewhat apprehensive. Part of me would rather like to jump in and get involved, because I know that I could add value. I also think it would be an enlivening experience and I would meet a heap of interesting people. However, I am also aware that I am trying to finish a novel, while at the same time start training for Trailwalker, after both of which I intend to renovate bathroom and kitchen. Just how far can I stretch myself? Am I being selfish?

Anyway, I made a few suggestions, but spent most of the meeting taking things in, trying to work out what was going on. I was far too overwhelmed by it all to volunteer outright for anything. The reality is that I don't think I know enough, and I'm not the sort of person to put myself forward. Even if I secretly thought I would be good at something, my inherent shyness and reluctance to over-commit myself stopped me.

I have, however, agreed to be on the comms team mailing list and help out with the development of newsletter and flyer material. I have no idea yet what this is going to involve. I guess we shall see. And sometime next year, when they want to start utilising media, I daresay I may help out with that as well. I am feeling my way at the moment, but perhaps will start raising my head a little more as time progresses. I will just have to make sure I keep things balanced and under control! Interesting times . . .


  1. How exciting! It sounds like an experience that may open up some interesting doors. I don't think it is selfish to broaden ones horizons. You never know what it might lead to...

  2. Could be fun, yes. But my comment about being selfish was intended to be in relation to my not wanting to over commit myself. You see, they are desperate for help, and I am being cautious because of everything else I've got going on!