Thursday, 24 September 2009


I must admit that Trailwalker is consuming me right at the moment. It's almost all I can think about -- currently it's the list of gear I need to buy and my pre-Christmas training schedule.

Here's my current shopping list:
  • backpack (possibly/probably a camelbak with hydration system)
  • trailrunner shoes (?) or similar
  • triathlon knicks
  • shorts (to wear over the top)
  • thorlo socks (1 pair to try)
  • heart rate monitor
  • MP3 player (new one)
  • hat (all mine are either too flash or too daggy)
  • appropriate tops (not sure what I want here, will probably experiment with a few different ones)
My pre-Christmas training schedule is pretty straightforward: walk to/from work 3 times a week (3.8km each way), plus a 10-15km walk somewhere on the weekend.

Gee, there's an awful lot of preparation involved in this! And we haven't even started on the fundraising!


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  2. The deleted comment was from me! I didn't proofread before pressing 'send' and the comment had so many typos it wasn't funny.

    My shopping list looks much the same. This is fast becoming an expensive little obsession as well as a time consuming one! I do think it's important to get the gear right, though.