Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Since my post on 'Words Blooming', where I announced to the world that I was writing again, I've been diverted yet again from my cause by several factors. I won't list them all here, despite the fact that they're all legitimate (except, perhaps, for Saturday's descent into wine swilling from 2pm), but I will mention two that are looming as potential ongoing threats to my writing time.

There's Trailwalker, of course. We haven't even kicked it all off yet (that's on Friday) but already I've been spending time reading up on it online. And once we start training on weekends, I can see the end of the 'idea' of Sunday writing sessions. I say the 'idea' because the reality is that I haven't written on a Sunday afternoon for months. (Shame)

Then there's Aussiecon 4. Sunday's comms meeting was good, because I managed to avoid committing myself to anything much. But this evening, I have put up my hand unbidden to do a media campaign. I have even spent the entire evening drafting up a document for people on the email list to read, filled with ideas and promises. What am I thinking? It's pride, pure and simple. I have been added to this list/subcommittee as the only person with publicity/media experience, and I don't want them all shaking their heads about how I'm not adding any value. So, I decided to take the bull by the horns and do what I do best -- conceptualise a campaign and volunteer to drive it. Of course, it's the type of campaign that could take as much or as little time as I like. But my pride is on the line here . . . I have no idea when I'm going to find time to do all this.

As well as write. Oh dear, oh dear.

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