Sunday, 27 September 2009

Movie: The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth was an entertaining Friday night chick flick -- funny, undemanding of my brain, certainly romantic. Perfect Friday night fare. Starring Katherine Heigl, it explores the age-old question of whether a girl needs to put on an act to get a guy, or whether true love will find her if she stays true to herself.

The basic premise is that Heigl plays a TV morning show producer whose network forces her to put up with a new segment called 'The Ugly Truth', in which our hero proceeds to advise viewers on relationships from his somewhat bitter and twisted experience . . . (men only think about sex, they don't want deep and meaningful conversation, they want thin beautiful women only etc etc). The segment is an instant hit, much to our heroine's disgust, but she is reluctantly won over and allows him to coach her in the ways to obtain a date/relationship with her gorgeous new doctor neighbour . . . you can probably guess the rest.

I must say the movie is not very flattering towards men, but the hero is engaging and undergoes his own journey to overcome past hurts and realise that he can actually find a meaningful relationship with a woman. Heigl is very funny (particularly in a scene in which she finds herself at a business dinner in vibrating underwear), and the chemistry between the two leads is pretty amazing, I thought (particularly in a scene where they dance). Not brain food or culture, but good for a laugh. (I notice it got pretty bad reviews, but I was in the mood to be entertained. What do people expect from a romcom?)

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