Sunday, 13 September 2009

Team in training

It's official. We have a trailwalker team. However, I'm not going to reveal our team name here until we're registered, which won't be until October.

We had our first team meeting on Friday evening, when everyone met each other. It was one of those evenings when everybody had heaps of things to say, and we had so many things to talk about, that the energy in the room was stupendous. Training was one of the big ones: how often could we get our act together to train as a team? How far would we have to walk in training? What shoes should we wear? Where should we go for our training sessions?

Another item to discuss was whether or not we thought we needed to stop for sleep at any stage during the event. I think this is still unresolved. Part of me feels that we might as well have some sleep, because where's the sense in killing ourselves? We have already agreed that our goal is to finish, not break any special time barriers. But there is the consideration that if we sleep our muscles might seize up and we'd feel ten times worse. One possibility is to have showers (and possible naps) at the Olinda house of a friend of my family. Olinda is checkpoint 4, but is just under halfway, so it's probably too early for a nap, but maybe a shower would be beneficial.

We also talked about fundraising. I don't think we've come up with any bright ideas yet. And team T-shirts for us and our support crew. Of course.

In the end we decided two important things: our team name (TBA) and the date for our first official team training session, which is to be on Sunday October 11. We are to meet at Studley Park at 8am (OMG) and walk for 3 hours, before indulging in a yummy brunch. Emma is responsible for determining our route.

Having said that, we are sneaking in a preliminary walk this coming Sunday at a location yet to be decided. It seems that most or all of us are available this weekend after all, so the game is soon to be on!

And so it begins.

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