Sunday, 25 October 2009

Trailwalker update

Team Footsloggers leaped to the head of the fundraising leaderboard for the first few weeks, raising $800 without even really trying, thanks to the donations of kind friends and family; but now we have slipped back to 3rd overall with some impressive fundraising action from "Twisted Sisters" and "Iron Ladies". (It's nice to see the all-girl teams setting the pace in any event!)

We might nevertheless pat ourselves on the back for providing incentive to others to get into action! But we're not finished yet, with some fundraising ideas in their infancy and still heaps of time to make it to our planned $5K.

On the training front, we've been doing it solo for the past couple of weeks as well as next weekend, with a team weekend planned at Phillip Island 7-8 November. I find it easy enough to accumulate km in short bursts, but going out for longer walks on my own is not so fun and I've managed to find all sorts of reasons to avoid doing so. It will be good to have a weekend away with the girls.

We are blogging about Trailwalker in more detail at our Footslogger site, so check in regularly for all the insight from not just me, but Lisa and Emma also (so far . . .).

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