Thursday, 17 December 2009


I've had a fitness niggle this past week. It started last Thursday, when I developed a pain in my lower right shin during my morning walk to work. Skipping the gym, I limped home at the end of the day, but decided I needed to get it looked at. Particularly since even such mundane activities as shopping were causing fatigue and an aching pain, despite no dedicated exercise.

I was really lucky to get a podiatry appointment with a highly recommended practitioner - who is also the official Trailwalker podiatrist - through a cancellation on Tuesday. Somewhat conveniently, she operates out of a clinic in Bay Street Brighton. The consultation was focused on identifying the origin of the pain, and it turns out I have tight calf muscles, particularly on the right. This is causing overload on another muscle, which is crying out. It is, however, a bit of a mystery as to why it suddenly manifested, since I hadn't been doing anything out of the ordinary.

Anyway, I came away with many calf stretches and a physio appointment, which was yesterday. The same diagnosis was reached, and after an excruciating leg massage I came away with yet more stretches and instructions to walk to work today, after which I was to ice my ankle and tell her how it went. The good news is that I didn't have any pain and so I am cleared to walk to work every second day for the short term. Since I only have one more day and then I'm on leave for three weeks, this isn't going to be a huge issue.

So for the past week I have done zero exercise until today! And I've really noticed the difference in terms of how much time has been liberated. I haven't yet got back to writing, but I am definitely starting to unwind . . . the past couple of months have been full-on. However, rather than contemplating ditching this whole exercise malarkey (well, the gym part anyway) I'm actually looking forward to getting back into it.

So if I'm allowed to walk every second day, I'm going to skip tomorrow and target some sort of longish walk for Saturday, which will be followed by our next team training walk on Monday. All going well, I'll resume at the gym after that. Then I'm back at the physio on Wednesday to take stock . . . Better go do my final round of stretches for today!

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  1. So pleased things are going from strength to strength.