Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Movie: Nine

I've been looking forward to the movie Nine coming out, particularly since I love Chicago, so I went to see this on Tuesday. I knew very little about the plot, and nothing of the music, but sat back and prepared to be entertained.

Unfortunately I was bored. The performances were great, including the singing, but ultimately I didn't give a toss about any of the characters. I was completely unmoved by the predicament of Guido, the maestro film director who can't come up with a plot for his next movie, and the many strange fantasies he has about his leading lady, mistress, wife, dead mother, strange savage woman from his childhood, costume designer and American fashion designer?/journalist? . . .

Nor did I care about any of these women, except, possibly, for his wife . . . although their entire relationship seemed like one big cliche. But she (played by Marion Cotillard), Carla the mistress (Penelope Cruz) and Lilli the costumier (Judy Dench) were the only women whose characters were given any level of emotional development.

The movie was all glam with very little substance. Daniel Day Lewis was good, great even, but his character was so blah that even his brilliance couldn't save it. Maybe the whole premise is just dated. But I must say it is very unlike me to be sitting in a movie wondering how much longer I have to endure it . . . I wish I'd gone to see Sherlock Holmes instead!

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