Tuesday, 5 January 2010

New year's resolve

As usual, I've started the new year filled with resolve and self-discipline. Best news: I've worked on my novel for two days in a row! Not whole days, mere fragments in fact. But I am getting back into the story, and starting to feel it again.

The truth is that fragments of days for writing are all I have time for at present. No matter how much I might wish to immerse myself for days on end (like some of my fellow writing buddies), there are simply too many items on my 'to do' list to allow it. Besides, this is my last week of holiday and I am determined to spend some of it relaxing. It could be the last chance I get for a while! So I am allowing myself periods on the sofa while the cricket is on, and jaunts down the street for coffee and lunch, because that is part of relaxing.

However, I have been achieving things as well. Yesterday, in addition to writing for a couple of hours, I went to the gym, mastered my new washing machine, plus gave my sadly neglected Aussiecon 4 duties some attention. This afternoon, I spent almost three hours in the garden, pruning and weeding. So the good news is that I am crossing stuff off my 'to do' list.

Most importantly, I have resumed training and exercise this week. My target is two gym sessions, plus we have a Footsloggers team walk tomorrow -- a gentle one to get us back into the spirit. And then we have a slightly longer (~15km) team walk on the trail on Sunday. After that, assuming we stay fit, we're going to ramp things up quite a bit. The hump of Christmas/New Year was always going to be a training challenge, but our various injuries, aches and pains across the team really didn't help. From here it's going to be about extending that long walk, first to 20km, then beyond. Waaaaaay beyond.

My own personal challenge will be ensuring that I continue to work on my novel amid all this activity. Not to mention work pressure, which I think could be considerable when I return next week. I just need to compartmentalise and prioritise appropriately, and keep sight of what's important.

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