Friday, 1 January 2010

Reflection 2009-2010

Another new year. And already 2010 is shaping up to be rather momentous. My focus for the next four months will undoubtedly be Trailwalker, as our team starts to ramp up training and fundraising. But there are certain other things I want to achieve as well, such as . . . yes, OK, I'm going to name these things that have once again eluded me . . . finishing my novel rewrite and renovating my kitchen and bathroom. This will be the year.

But I will pause to reflect on 2009 for a moment, since it has been a significant year for me in many ways. Even if I perhaps haven't achieved all the grand plans stated on this day a year ago, some mountains I did manage to conquer. For instance, my work-life balance is vastly improved. And I had a wonderful trip to Germany in March/April.

Well, OK, so perhaps I didn't get as far through my goals as I thought. I know I haven't read all the books I wanted to, although I feel more satisfied by what I have read. And unfortunately our movie club didn't quite eventuate -- although I definitely saw many movies than the previous year. But -- and this is a big but -- I feel really happy with how the year has turned out.

It's strange, I think, how one can fail to achieve so many objectives, yet still feel really happy. I can honestly say that for the past few months I have been consciously happy, consciously enjoying my life. I have also been more crazily busy in a non-work capacity than I can ever remember. And this I think is the key. I've been crazy busy doing things for me: training, planning and fundraising for Trailwalker, helping out for Aussiecon 4 communications, writing a bit, going to the gym on a regular basis, reading . . . Even though I've been run off my feet, I haven't been stressed. In fact, I've felt really satisfied with everything.

So now that 2009 has ended I can look back and think of it as a good year -- not the brilliant year of 2007, but a thousand times better than the dud year of 2008, even though I achieved almost as little.

Perhaps this is all because I sense that 2009 has laid a positive foundation for 2010, which is shaping up to be a ripper! I already have a sense of purpose with April's Trailwalker event, and I have no doubt that media support for Aussiecon 4 (occurring in September) will keep me as busy as I allow it. Not to mention planning for the big family pledge to spend Christmas in Germany for 2010, which will hopefully see me taking some long service leave from work . . . Lots of good things to happen this year!

Having said that, most of my 2009 resolutions still hold for 2010: better writing routine, more reading, keep in better touch with friends, maintain healthy work-life balance . . . These will no doubt remain ongoing challenges that can always be improved. But I am feeling optimistic. Definitely looking forward to a good year in 2010.

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