Friday, 29 January 2010

TW minus 11 weeks

The past week has been interesting on the Trailwalker front. Lisa and I walked for 18km along the Werribee River last Saturday, a little shorter than our intended walk, but a good distance nonetheless. I had then intended to walk CP3 to 5 with Emma on Tuesday (Australia Day), a 25km walk through the hills, but we didn't get too far before a blister struck Emma's heel, and we couldn't seem to shake it. So we turned around at the 3.5km mark.

It was a bit disappointing, because I'm desperate to test myself on a longer distance, and I felt a teeny bit ripped off at getting up so early on a public holiday! (The training gig typically has us all meeting at 8am on walking mornings.) However, there didn't seem to be much point in crippling Emma . . . although not sure how we'll deal with such events as we continue training.

Because we ARE continuing to train, and in fact are stepping it up from here as we countdown to the big weekend. This Sunday we'll tackle two stages for the first time: CP 1 to 3 (~22km). None of us have done either of these stages yet, so will be good to expose ourselves to more of the actual trail.

The big drama of the week has been the probable loss of Jenelle from our team. She had appendicitis a week or so ago, leading to the removal of her appendix, and so it's unlikely she'll be up for walking. So now the hunt is on for a replacement walker, which at this stage of proceedings is not going to be too easy. We have a couple of prospects, so hopefully all will be well.

Finally, I went for a podiatry checkup this morning, just to get the low-down on my feet. Turns out my feet are in pretty good condition, and now that my heel calluses have been removed, they are lovely and smoooooth. And now I know how to tape my toes to prevent toe blisters, with the all important Fixomull tape, that is apparently every Trailwalker's best friend. So all is good on the foot front.

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