Thursday, 21 January 2010

TW minus 12 weeks

I'm now counting down to Trailwalker: 12 weeks to go. OMG

After our team walk on 10 January, Emma and I walked the Merri Creek trail this Sunday morning past (~18km). It wasn't a difficult walk, but it was concrete all the way. Amazing how my feet felt that. No blisters or lasting pain though, which was excellent. I'm hoping to do a 25km walk this weekend along the Werribee River with Lisa (if I can get myself out of bed on Saturday morning early) and then Emma and I plan to do our first official trail double-section walk on Tuesday/Australia Day: CP3 to 5 to see how we go.

I think both Emma and I are really struggling with the mid-week walking at the moment. Normally I would walk to/from work 3-4 days per week, but some changes at work have me in a bit of a spin and I seem to be taking the car at the moment, for various reasons. So this makes the weekend long walk doubly important. Even though I'm still doing a couple of gym sessions per week, it's not quite the same as 'time on your feet'.

We've swung back into fundraising mode this week as well. I hosted a Tupperware fundraiser last night, which was fairly successful. We're still taking bookings for another week, but it looks though we'll raise at least $250 (10% of sales and then some -- our demonstrator said she will donate half her profits from the evening!), and possibly a whole lot more. Will post the amount when I know. I'm also planning an Enjo fundraiser to take place in about 3 weeks; this is looking even more spectacular.

Even before the Tupperware party, we cracked $3K in online donations/fundraising this week, which is absolutely fantastic.

Finally, a highlight of last week was winning the Christmas fundraising competition. Never in a million years did I think our name would be drawn. All teams with over $600 raised were eligible and our name came out first! Our prize is to become Team Number One (instead of 24), plus we have our choice of start time, plus we each win a free pair of Skins compression tights!

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