Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Calgary Olympics memory

On my shelf stands a battered old video. On it are recorded several performances from the 1988 Winter Olympics. Ice skating performances that I have kept all these years -- 22 years -- because they are marvellous.

They are American Brian Boitano's figure skating performances from that epic 'battle of the Brians' last time the Winter Olympics were in Canada (Calgary, 1988). Back then he was my favourite of the two Brians, and his short program, performed to Les Patineurs, must surely be almost as epic and perfect as Torvill & Dean's Bolero from 1984. Well, almost. His free program, performed to Napoleon, was also great, although not as outstanding as Les Patineurs.

Anyway, all this Winter Olympics coverage on TV made me reminisce about Brian. Katerina Witt was being interviewed by Eddie, and I'm pretty sure she was skating the same year . . . so I felt inspired to revisit.

Anyway, it turns out that I can rid myself of the video afterall, because all his memorable skates are on You-Tube. This is a good thing, because I no longer have a video player. (OMG, watching this makes my throat thicken . . .)


  1. Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

    Isn't YouTube fantastic? I can't tell you some of the things I've revisted.

    BTW, I still have a video -- so if you ever want to watch it on a bigger screen ... (Just make sure I know where the remote is, as it only works via remote.)

  2. yes, one of the reasons I stuck it here is so I can find it again!