Friday, 5 February 2010

more Trailwalker turmoil (TW minus 10 weeks)

As predicted, it's very difficult to think (or blog) about much other than Trailwalker. When I'm not training, or planning the next fundraising event (Enjo next Wednesday), I'm so damn tired I can't do much other than stare vacantly at the TV.

So no writing, unfortunately. I decided to give the February WriMoFoFo a miss -- hang 15,000 words in a month; I'd settle for actually writing something. Anything.

Anyway, it's been another very eventful and somewhat tragic week for the Footsloggers. Despite the temperature soaring to 37 degrees last Sunday, we decided to keep to our training schedule, which had us tackling our first double-stage: CP1 (Churchill NP, Endeavour Hills) to CP3 (Kallista), ~22km. This was probably not such a smart idea, since only two out of four of us actually made it to the end. See my detailed post here. But I am happy to have completed the distance, and am looking forward to tomorrow's training walk with Emma. We're tackling CP3-5 again; hopefully we'll have more luck this time.

But Sunday's disaster pales into comparison next to Lisa's bombshell from yesterday. She has been diagnosed with a stress fracture in her foot and has been forced to drop out from the walk.

I can imagine how gutted Lisa must be feeling, after over four months hype, excitement, planning, fundraising and training. She was the first person to get behind my quest to form a team, and I can't quite imagine doing this without her just yet. It'll take some more time to sink in.

And of course we now need to find yet another team member. It looks like we've found a replacement for Jenelle in Brendan. He survived Sunday's torture test, remarkably. Not too sure where we're going to find one more, though. With just 10 weeks to go, it's a very big ask.

Thus we enter the minus tenth week.

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