Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Pen to paper

I've put pen to paper (literally) for the first time in ages this evening, thrashing out some ideas for . . . a short story of all things! This is most unlike me, for whom just about every idea has to be woven back into the novel somehow. This is usually possible, because the ideas I have are usually character-oriented and can be applied to pretty much any setting.

Today, however, I found myself ruminating on one of the few short story ideas I've had rattling about in my head for several years now. The problem has been that the 'idea', while interesting (I think), didn't have a story attached to it. Over the past few days a couple of other thoughts collided with it and I think I almost actually have a story.

This will please my writing group, the members of which have been at me to sub stuff for workshopping. I will face a dilemma, though, if I do write this and sub it: all my workshopping brownie points are with Snovarians who don't show up much any more, and those that are the present mainstays will probably accuse me of freeloading . . .

But I am getting ahead of myself, because I haven't actually written the story yet. Or even started it. I'm still trying to decide how to approach it: what characters, which points of view, how best to unfold events so that the end pays off. Knowing me, I may give it all up after a day or two, and go back to the novel. But that in itself would be a positive step after weeks of inactivity!


  1. Yes, that is a dilemma -- and it was all the people that don't go anymore who hassled and hassled you about subbing! But there is some crossover of the two groups -- I don't think most people will have any problem with this whatsoever. And some of the current workshoppers were there when you were doing your fab crits. You should have a bankload of credits up your sleeve. (And I'm happy to look at it for you once you've finished.)

  2. Ah well, I think it will be quite some time before I actually write it. The urge has gone, but at least I wrote the ideas down before they disappeared!