Friday, 26 February 2010

TW minus 7 weeks

All is status quo for the moment. The team walked together along the Yarra River trail near Ivanhoe last Sunday morning, but it was a shorter walk (~18km) owing to time pressures and heat. I think we're all holding our breath for tomorrow's big walk, which will see us tackle the last two stages of the trail in our longest walk yet: 28km from CP6 to the end. It's mostly flat, except for the last 7km, which is supposed to be the hardest section of the entire trail. Should be fun!

Personally, I've once again managed two gym sessions and two mid-week walking days -- one expedition to and from work, and one evening stroll with a friend around the local neighbourhood. Just enough to keep the blood pumping! Must go now and ensure I'm ready for the early start tomorrow (blah!).

1 comment:

  1. So, how did the longer walk go?

    I saw a fantasy series the other day (or an ad for it, anyway) called The Farwalkers. Hmm, you'll have to do a novel that incorporates all this experience you're garnering.