Thursday, 18 February 2010

TW minus 8 weeks

Another week in my Trailwalker journey, and eight weeks to go . . .

. . . it can't come soon enough, actually. This is a very time-consuming event (if you do it properly and train and fundraise) and doesn't leave much time for much else.

Anyhow, the main event for the past week was our first nightwalk last Saturday night. I blogged about it on Footsloggers Log here. It was nice not to have to get up early for once, but it still seemed to take up the whole weekend, as it took me most of Sunday to recover! Partly because it was a late night, and partly because I was dehydrated, having not quaffed enough water the previous evening, resulting in the symptoms of a mild hangover.

This week has been largely uneventful. I'm trying to keep up mid-week training with two gym sessions and two walks -- not that I'm getting anywhere near the 20-30km walking between long walks that I'm supposed to! But they say the long walk is most important, so that's what I'm focusing on.

Having said that, we're scaling down the long walk slightly this weekend -- down to a mere 20km! After a couple of weekends of 25km (or thereabouts) 20km along the Yarra River trail will give us a bit of a breather. Might even manage to squeeze it into half a day!

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