Thursday, 11 February 2010

TW minus 9 weeks

The weeks are flying at the moment . . .

Saturday's training walk was great: Emma and I walked CP3 to 5 in a good time, or so we considered. Along the way we met loads of friendly teams, even one with a spare walker who was momentarily interested in joining our team . . . but that didn't work out. It was a great day for walking, low 20s, very pleasant.

The other main event for the week was last night's Enjo fundraiser. Although I didn't manage to attract the 20 people I was targeting, 10 people came along and we appear to have raised over $600. This has far surpassed expectations, and will put us in a fabulous position when the $$ come in. We've decided that is our final pre-walk fundraising event, and taking into consideration all the money that has been pledged, I think we're not too far shy of our targeted $5000.

Next training walk is our first night expedition this Saturday (CP2-4). We're having a team meeting in the afternoon to plan support crew activities, then we're going to do a trial run with them cooking us dinner in the middle! Should be a fun adventure.

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