Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Vindaloo against Violence

Today was the day everyone was encouraged to eat Indian food as a show of support for our local Indian community -- Vindaloo against Violence. A great idea, I reckon. Thankfully Allyson got me organised and we went to a local Indian restaurant for a truly memorable dining experience . . .

The place was packed. We got there at 7:30 and it was already the second sitting. Clearly, despite the fact they must have known what day it was, they were waaay under prepared for the overwhelming show of support. Tables were uncleared, hungry patrons loitered in the doorway, and on the pavement outside.

Eventually we got a table (and we had booked).

It took about 10 minutes for the table to be cleared, and another 10 minutes for us to receive wine glasses. OK, so with wine in hand we were happy for the moment. Nibbling on poppadoms, we perused the menu. Somewhat amazingly, we ordered soon after.

A bottle of water came, but I reckon it was over half an hour and about four trips to the counter until we got water glasses. We never did get cutlery for the main course.

Our food came in two parts. After the entree the table was cleared. When the main course came, we had to ask for a second round of cutlery. The staff, clearly in a frenzy, had developed the habit of nodding dazedly to every request, which they clearly either didn't hear, couldn't understand, or promptly forgot.

We cut our losses and used the spoons that came with the curries. This proved a good move, as the cutlery never came . . .

Despite the chaos and absolutely dreadful service, I had a fabulous evening. It was just too ridiculously funny to get upset. All the patrons were having a good time, and the staff so clearly NOT having a good time, that I felt sorry for them. What a night.


  1. What a great idea! Pity that it wasn't executed so well. But sounds like a nice way to spend an evening, despite the chaos.

  2. I was working that evening, so it wasn't until 8pm that I got to my local Indian for some takeaway on the way home ... similar experience, plenty of people in the place, staff not quite sure what hit them ... as a show of support it probably stressed the restaurants!

  3. LOL! How funny. But also ironic. When we don't kill the poor Indians in the street, we "almost kill" them with our support.
    Glad you had a good night though.
    Of course, somehow, we heard nothing about this supportive movement. So we were quite happily eating the standard thai-style beef at home, totally unaware of the Indian restaurant mayhem. Never mind ... I think we might show our support this week some time.
    Cheers, A