Sunday, 21 February 2010

Writers in Rathdowne Street

Yesterday I attended the launch of Solace & Grief, the debut novel of Foz Meadows, a member of my writing group. It was fabulous to see one of us finally achieve the dream, and of course it made me rue my lack of productivity in recent weeks. It's hard enough to get a novel published, but absolutely impossible if you don't actually write one.

A group of us met for our monthly brunch at a cafe in North Carlton beforehand. We liked The Rathdowne Street Foodstore so much that we might even go back. In fact I really liked Rathdowne Street village. It had loads of great cafes, plus it was lovely sitting outside at the Kent pub across the road, where we drifted for a drink following the launch (in the Carlton library).

And so I was reminded that no matter what else is going on in my life, I am a writer. Once again, I started making all sorts of promises to myself about 'getting back into it'. Because if I wait until trailwalker is over, that will be another whole 8 weeks of zero productivity. Far from ideal. So the plan is to somehow find a way of getting my brain back in gear. Somehow. Standby!

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