Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Folk festival part 2 - chilling out

After a big day on Saturday, the remaining two days of the folk festival were a bit more chilled out. In fact, I didn't even show up on Monday, electing instead to take myself off for a walk (training, you know . . .).

Sunday was a great day, though. A relaxing cooked breakfast with other house guests provided stimulating conversation and a cruisy morning. The musical focus was the themed concert, 'A woman's voice', featuring Eleanor McEvoy, Kavisha Mazella, Kim Richey, Jen Cloher, Kerrianne Cox, and (twins) Alica and Alana Egan, starting at midday.

We then did a spot of shopping at the markets for the rest of the afternoon, before meeting up with friends (Erin & Chris with 2YO in tow) for an early dinner at The Hub. The story of the festival is the sari-skirt-dress that you can tie 75 different ways (apparently). For our evening music session, we drifted down to St Pat's hall, which is becoming a bit of a habit, to hear Enda Kenny.

In the end, I've come away with four CDs: two from Jen Cloher and The Endless Sea, plus a singles album from Eleanor McEvoy, and Kim Richey's latest album, 'launched' at the festival. Surprisingly for me, none of these sing any of the traditional ballads, which I often gravitate to. Instead, all three are singer songwriters. Jen and Kim aren't even particularly folky, but their music is great! Go figure.

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