Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Life-changing Enjo for body and . . . cat fur!

Enjo really is quite remarkable. I was introduced a few years ago and bought a starter pack, which I've used sporadically over the years. Except for the dust glove, which I use all the time, because it is amazing.

I recently encountered Enjo again, when my mother decided she wanted to buy the floor cleaner and sought out a consultant to have a demo. I bought a few more kitchen and bathroom bits and pieces and reembarked upon Enjo usage with renewed vigour.

I also booked a demonstration as part of our Oxfam fundraising program (which proved outstanding in that regard) and ordered a few more bits and pieces -- and so it goes . . .

I now have the Enjo floor cleaner (which I'm yet to use to full capacity); but it is two other items that have captured my imagination in the last week since I've received my latest purchases.

The body glove: Even after a week, this has changed my life! Somewhat oddly (for in my mind it's a peripheral product and certainly not one that the consultant focused on or demonstrated), I started thinking about it at the first party. By the time my fundraising party came along, it was at the forefront of my mind . . . Basically, it's an exfoliator on one side and gentle cleanser on the other, meaning that you can wash without using any soap at all. It's fabulous for the face too -- all you need is moisturiser. And, I discovered this evening that it's perfect for a quick upper body wash when you've been to the gym and need to go out again with no time for a shower! I have no doubt at all that I'll next be getting the face glove (a smaller version) for both travelling and evening face cleansing. Life-changing, I tell you!

The lint glove: My devilcat, Chenna, leaves black fur everywhere -- including velvet-upholstered chairs and my doona cover! I've resorted to vacuuming the chairs and the doona cover every time I get out the machine. But, sometimes I want a more hassle-free and instant solution . . . Enter the lint glove. Once again, I had this at the forefront of my mind and to my amusement it caught on with just about every cat-owner that was present! I think we bought about 5 lint gloves between us. And they work!!

So here am I, happy in my little Enjo wonderland. Very clean too.

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