Sunday, 7 March 2010

Port Fairy folk festival: 8 ways to start

DAY 1 of the 2010 Port Fairy Folk Festival has been fabulous. I saw 8 different acts, and felt that I could easily have bought the CDs of seven of them! I haven't actually bought anything yet, however. I'm exercising restraint for once; waiting to see which acts really stay with me . . .

Here are the acts I saw today:
Jigzag -- 3 piece Aussie band with double bass, fiddle and guitar. They sang a mix of original and traditional songs. (Vivacious, intimate, joyous . . .)
Eleanor McEvoy -- Irish superstar singer/songwriter. She sang an acoustic set of very moving ballads.
Emily Smith & Jamie McClennan -- Scottish/NZ couple who sang traditional ballads (esp Robbie Burns songs), as well as original pieces.
Vin Garbutt -- UK legend who sang a mix of trad, original and others' songs, along with humerous (albeit very lame) banter.
Rory Faithfield -- Aussie living in Ireland, played acoustic original songs.
Jen Cloher & The endless sea -- Aussie four-piece band, described as 'alternative country-folk'. Original songs.
The Tealeaves -- Aussie 7-piece band with much swapping of musical instruments! Sang original and others' songs, including a moving duet between the lead singer and his dad.
Kim Richey -- US singer/songwriter whose songs have appeared on TV shows! All original or co-written songs.

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