Friday, 19 March 2010

TW minus 4 weeks

I'm back in the swing of things now, after a couple of weeks where training was not as it should have been. As a result of the poor training regime, I really struggled during last week's walk (start to CP3 at Kallista, with a wrong turn, ~39km). I particularly felt it in my quads and in the blisters that attacked my heels.

I like to think my lacklustre performance was due to my lack of exercise in the preceding fortnight, along with the fact I'd suffered from a dreadful cold all week -- but was it? What if I'm not in good enough condition? What if my blisters don't heal in time and I have to walk 100km in agony?

The blisters are especially annoying, as they are the first I've had. So why now suddenly? I don't know. I've drained them of fluid this evening so now I'm hoping beyond all else they don't get infected.

Last week's walk was the first time I started to question my ability to do this event, and for the first time I started to feel disillusioned. I am not looking forward to this weekend, when we tackle 44km in an afternoon/evening training marathon. I expect we'll finish in the early hours of the morning and it will take all of Sunday to recover!

But we persevere and there are only four weeks to go, and only two more training marathons before we taper. The event itself will be the mother of all marathons of course, but I'm thinking adrenalin will kick in for that and some enthusiasm and energy will return. In the meantime we have to get through this Saturday (44km) and next Saturday (50km).

The irony is that despite being in training for months, it suddenly feels as though we've got no time at all. We've only done one night walk so far (with two to come) -- will that be enough? I've still got to get a new headtorch as well. Moreover, some of us are still fiddling around with hydration regimes, footwear, foodstuffs etc. Where has all the time gone?

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