Thursday, 4 March 2010

TW minus 6 weeks

Six weeks to go. Not too long now!

Our team walk last Saturday went well, although it rained for a few hours and we got wet. Our time for the 27.4km was around 8.5 hours including breaks (one of which was half an hour longer than necessary), and I think this is quite good for us. I believe we're on target to come in at 35 hours, and possibly even 30.

I pulled up well on Sunday. Now we need to increase our training intensity for the next month or so -- or so I tell myself. This week I've managed two gym sessions, but not much on the walking front, alas. I really need to step up my mid-week discipline for walking. I should be doing around 25km I think, in addition to the weekend long walk, and I'm not getting anywhere near this. Three 'walk to work' days would do it, but I don't seem to be doing much of that . . .

I went to an information night run by sports physio group, Back in Motion, on Wednesday. It was the first of two presentations, and focused on stretching and core stability. I felt quite energised by the presentation, but have I actually done any stretching since? No. [sigh] There really are so many things to do!

This weekend the team is tackling a long flat walk along the Bayside beach path, but I'll be away at the Port Fairy folk festival. (A pity they decided to walk near me for once on a weekend when I'm not actually there!) It will be a huge challenge for me to do any training at all, but I am going to try to get some walks in. Nevertheless, I guess I'll be a bit behind after this weekend and will have to work extra hard to catch up!

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