Saturday, 3 April 2010

Best orange cake ever

The Island Food Store on Phillip Island is a fairly well kept secret, although you'll always see plenty of traffic from those in the know. It's hidden at the end of a small cul-de-sac of a carpark, just next to the Coles carpark in Cowes, and specialises in gourmet made-on-the-premises salads and cakes. The lemon tart is famous. I am also partial to the enchiladas (vego & non-vego) which, served with some of the wonderful salads, make a delicious lunch -- either eat in or take-away.

They also make good coffee, which is how I discovered the foodstore, the coffee having been recommended to me. Always keen to find the best coffee anywhere, I checked it out with pleasure. It may not have the ambience of one of the cafes on the main street, where the outside tables overlook the passers-by, but it's not an unpleasant place to sit for half an hour with a large skinny latte and the cake of the day.

Such is how I spent a delightful half hour this morning, on this occasion with my parents. And this is how I got to taste the best flourless orange cake EVER. It was the cake of the day and came with a coffee package deal. Normally we might have shared a single slice, but today opted not to, and boy am I glad of that! The cake was moist without being sludgy, incredibly flavoursome, and included the added crunch of almond pieces. The chef herself came our to clear our plates and said that grinding the almonds in the food processor, rather than using shop-bought almond meal that is much finer, is the secret. Absolutely delicious. Want more!

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