Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Hanging up the boots

And so the journey ends. We Footsloggers have hung up our boots (or shoved them in the laundry for dealing with later), rested our weary limbs, and sagged with relief that the ordeal is over. I feel calm satisfaction at my efforts in completing the event, if vaguely disappointed that despite all the training I still found it really hard! Having said that, I've pulled up extremely well - almost zero aches & pains.

For a full and detailed account of the event itself, see my post on Footsloggers Log.

Since more or less all I have posted about for several months has been trailwalker, I am going to keep this final entry short. I have blogged heavily thus far as much for my own records as anything, and I'm not sure there's too much more to say.

I did it. Walked 100km. Time 35h 44mins. Funds raised for Oxfam (to-date) $6751.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the slog. All of it. The training, and the actual event.