Thursday, 8 April 2010

TW minus 1 week - The final stretch

It's the proverbial calm before the storm. Nothing much is happening and I actually feel like I have my life back! Emma and I walked approx 15km from Port Melbourne to Elwood & back on Friday morning as a taper walk, followed by brunch with Helen and Allyson. My first brunch in months, or so it seems. That was followed by a relaxing Easter weekend down at the island, where I did not much at all.

The calm is weird. After weeks of intensive training -- gym, walks, long walks, excrutiatingly long walks -- it is odd to feel so relaxed. But we are told to allow our bodies to recover strength, not to mention protect the feet. So I'm keeping walks short and returned to the gym tonight for the first time in about 2 weeks -- just to keep the muscles lubricated.

On the fundraising front we've had a bit of a flurry of donations in the last few days, with various family members and friends pitching in to take us over the $5K mark, which was our target. I'm really pleased that we're starting the walk having met our pledge.

There is little now to do but wait. We have one final team walk on Saturday morning -- about 10km -- followed by another brunch, which will be our final team gathering prior to the event. That will be our last opportunity to fine-tune the system, fill out the medical and mobile number forms, and confirm meeting times & places. The pointy end is rushing closer and I'm getting very nervous.


  1. Good luck for the big walk. I hope you can edure with smiles all the way to the end. Enjoy whatever the experience brings. And I will be thinking of you and wishing you all the very best, all the way!
    Cheers, A