Thursday, 1 April 2010

TW minus 2 weeks (the taper commences)

It's all downhill from here. Until the actual event, that is. Our final long walk was a resounding success, with our spirits markedly improved. We had to adjust our route a little owing to more trail burns, but we managed a ~44km walk from CP5 (Mt Evelyn) to nearly the end then back to CP7. It wasn't the 55km we were originally (weeks ago) planning to do for our longest walk, but it was still a 12h 49m marathon of endurance.

My new eating plan seemed to work. And when I tugged on my skins for the evening session I was amazed at how much better my leg muscles felt, almost immediately. I am now seriously considering wearing skins for the entire event. The thing I am most apprehensive about is my feet, which are blistering. Hopefully I can figure out some way of preventing the most painful of these.

It took a full day to recover on Sunday from the exhaustion, but at least I wasn't dehydrated. By Monday I was feeling pretty good.

So now we taper, which means I don't actually have to do much of anything. I haven't been to the gym in a couple of weeks, nor have I walked anywhere since Saturday. Emma & I have a 15km walk planned for tomorrow morning, after which Helen and Allyson will come and 'support' us for brunch in Port Melbourne. I think I have a few breakfasts to make up for there!

I will probably do some walks over Easter while I'm down at Philip Island too, although nothing too strenuous. It will be really nice to do some relaxing! And then next week I intend to get back into the gym a couple of times.

2 weeks to go . . .

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