Saturday, 29 May 2010

Filing emotion

A great thing about being a writer is that there's an upside to every personal trauma: there's the opportunity for insight into a whole raft of emotions. Whether it's grief, anger, despair . . . experiencing extreme emotion presents the opportunity to analyse physical and mental reactions. This will then hopefully assist in the writing of scenes that convey realistic and powerful emotion.

This past week, for example, has been rough. But it has been an extremely good character building experience -- for me as a person, but also for me as a writer who creates characters. I would never have known that a particular situation would cause me to completely lose my appetite. (I never lose my appetite!) Or that my stomach would stay knotted for hours and my ability to concentrate disappear. I'm not even quite sure what the emotion was . . .

So we file the memories away, ready for retrieval at the right moment -- for the right scene. For instance, whenever I need a storm of weeping, my mind goes straight back to the death of my cat, Moggie, 7 years ago. This week's emotions will be similarly drawn out and dusted off at some stage, without a doubt.


  1. Sounds like a very rough week. :(
    But I think that's an excellent attitude to it - store it up to use later.

    Hope this coming week is less ick.

  2. thanks.
    Just a difficult situation that had to be dealt with. Was fascinated by how it made me feel...

  3. Sorry to hear you had such a bad week. Must have been something in the stars about that week though, because my week was pretty bad too.