Friday, 4 June 2010

It's all about eating

I'm not normally a fan of cooking TV shows; nor do I watch a lot of reality TV (although I am partial to the Amazing Race). But I have found myself tuning in to MasterChef from time to time this season. And it's not that I can't bear to miss it. Because I can. Nor is it in order to learn advanced cooking techniques. It's because of the food.

I am not someone who enjoys cooking. The thought of grinding, whipping, measuring 20 different ingredients into 5 different dishes and cooking through three different steps is not an appealing one. But I really love eating. And some (but definitely not all) of the dishes they cook on this show look amazing.

Take tonight's episode, for example. I didn't think much of the quail dolmades (particularly that pig's stomach lining they were wrapped in - yuck), but Matt Moran's Frangipane tart looked so amazing it really does tempt me get cooking. Tempt me, that is. There's no way I'll actually cook it . . .

So while aspiring chefs and amateur cooks are no doubt taking notes and trying things out in the kitchen, I'm taking note of which restaurants the celeb chefs hail from, so I can go eat the amazing things they cook! Another dessert I'm dying to try is Philippa Sibley's caramel parfait glace with salted peanut caramel and milk chocolate mousse (pictured). . . She's a pastry chef at a restaurant at Crown -- not too far from work . . .

Oh c'mon! Tell me that image doesn't have you salivating??

UPDATE 8 JUNE - And now I find that Philippa Sibley is coming to St Kilda to open a dessert bar. I am in heaven.


  1. I looooove cooking shows, and Masterchef (the original) is one of my favourites. For me, the enjoyment in cooking is definitely in the eating - and these shows inspire me to try new things, both in preparation and tasting.

    But I think you are selling your culinary skills short. I still remember the custard cake that you made me once for my birthday - it was truly delicious!

  2. I can cook occasionally, but there's no way I could cook that thing pictured. But I won't need to! See my updated Post script :-)