Sunday, 25 July 2010

Some fascinating feedback

Blogger has finally introduced blog statistics (in the beta version), and I've spent the past half hour amazed by the fact that in the past two months my New York Baked Cheesecake recipe (posted a year ago) has had 50 hits! This must be due to people searching via google. I wonder if anybody has actually taken the recipe and tried it? It's well worth it, that's for sure!

The other surprise is my Magic Eye post from 2007, which has had 38 hits since the beginning of June. And my 2008 post 'When is the right time to submit?' has had two hits in the past day. This makes me realise how all-seeing the google search engine is. I don't tend to take into account people stumbling across my blog due to some random search, and it's rather strange to think of people I don't know reading some of this stuff. Still, that's what a blog is, I guess. Only it turns out I may have more readers that I thought, even if they are only occasional.

The other interesting factor to consider is that the stats only seem to count hits on actual posts, rather than the blog homepage. So hits coming in from networked blogs (which is probably where most of my page-hits come from via facebook) are counted, whereas visits to the main blog homepage are probably not.

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