Sunday, 18 July 2010

Towards the 'happy place'

I have to admit that I have not, after all, managed to write for an hour every day this week. It's been extremely busy, with my nieces and nephew joining me on consecutive nights for sleepovers, thereby preventing me from finding the right headspace (not to mention making me exhausted!). There are also other things going on that have me rather preoccupied.

I am working, however, on being more flexible and focused in the long term. I want to reach the 'happy place' again where it's not so hard to find the right headspace and I can better utilise a spare hour or two. In fact, I've been doing lots of soul-searching in the past few weeks about me as a writer, and what I have to do to move forward. Having faith in myself and courage are right up there (with discipline and bum on seat). Onwards and upwards . . .


  1. Flexibility sounds like a good thing. Being too hard on ourselves as writers is the worst thing we do to our productivity!

    Hope the ogre story is coming along nicely. Writing kid's stories is such delicious fun!

  2. Re the Ogre story: I wrote my section, emailed it back to Hannah and haven't heard a thing since Will post it here if/when it's ever finished :-)

  3. you can do amazing things when you put your mind to it.
    you've proven that time & time again.
    to borrow from the chinese (?), fall down seven times, get up eight.