Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Movie: Inception

I finally saw Inception last Friday. It's visually and conceptually quite stunning, although at its heart I believe it's not much more than a good old-fashioned 'sting' or heist movie. It has many of the tropes: gang of characters recruited for their specialist skills, target of the operation, primary objective/sting (in this case to seed an idea deep in the subconscious of the target using shared dreams). This isn't a bad thing, because the familiar structure -- albeit in an imaginative setting -- made it easy enough to follow. On a deeper level, the movie explores themes of mental stability, enduring love and its corruption, the meaning of reality, the ends people will go to to get what they want...

There are, however, too many faceless men with guns, explained away as 'projections' of the subconscious created to protect against intruders, but far too convenient as obstacles for the team to achieve their objective. I also found a few plot holes. Nevertheless, the film captures the imagination, and the stakes for those participating in the adventure the stakes were high enough for me to get somewhat nervous at times. I didn't love it, but found it entertaining for sure. Definitely a movie to discuss over cake and coffee afterwards (if, that is, you can find somewhere open).

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  1. A few plot holes? The film is riddled with them. As a friend said, why didn't Leo just ask Michael Cane to move the kids to another country rather than going through all that hassle just to get back to the USA. But plot holes aside, I thought it was an interesting idea, and enjoyed it very much.