Wednesday, 15 September 2010

post-worldcon enthusiasm

I'm pleased to report that my post-worldcon enthusiasm has seen me write just about every day for the past week. This included my first solo cafe writing session with baby computer, two large skinny lattes and an omelette. The cafe people at Melody's like me sitting there because I make their relatively new business look populated (they have stiff competition from some other far-busier cafes down the street). It's a nice quiet environment for me -- I've taken workshopping there in recent months -- and sometimes they give me a free coffee!

Thus do I make progress and find myself hurtling (figuratively) towards the final turning point and then to the climax. Huzzah! The end is still a few months off at my snail's pace, but I can smell it. In fact, I've even found a section from the previous draft that can be extracted and reused in the chapter I'm next to write. If I can find more little buds to survive my loppers I'll be well pleased. I had thought I wouldn't need to rewrite as much of the novel as I have done -- to-date I have re-written just about the whole thing -- but like a house of cards it all fell down and was so plain awful ... Yes, I am a perfectionist.

So there you go, chapter 33 is completed and there may be as few as 5 more to follow. Surely I can't be that close to the end? Let's see. . .

PS - Isn't that the most gorgeous picture? I googled 'archer' in images and this is what came up. She actually looks somewhat like my female protagonist (who is not an archer, however). Nevertheless, I LOVE this picture. Perhaps she can be the heroine of my next novel. The art is by Kelly McLarnon.


  1. Excellent! Can't wait to read it. :)