Monday, 6 September 2010

Some brief thoughts on the con

After five frenetic days, Aussiecon 4 has run its course, leaving me energised and somewhat determined. I attended around 18 panels across the five days, covering topics that spanned the publishing industry, writing craft and inspiration, plus various genre themes. In between there were cafe breaks, drinks in the wine bar, large and small group dinners, convivial conversations with friends old and new. After a few false starts I also practised being positive when asked whether I was a writer: "yes, I am working on a fantasy novel." I even managed to discuss specific aspects with a few lucky people (hehe).

I also chatted (however briefly) to the author of every single book read in the last month, including the one I am currently reading. This included a meal shared with Jennifer F, during which I had the opportunity to discuss which of her series was my favourite, along with the frustrations felt at the end of her latest. (I said I wanted another chapter to give me complete resolution; she merely smiled mysteriously and said it wasn't that simple, and that there would probably be a whole extra trilogy...) She also outlined the plot and setting of her forthcoming series, granting a couple of us some unique insights.

On the whole, I feel empowered and positive about forging ahead with my rewrite and subsequent attempted publication. The odds are no better than they were, but the environment of a convention like Aussiecon 4 is so amazingly supportive and encouraging, that I can't help but feel like it might be possible. I copped the usual flack from my writing group about being a perfectionist (of course), but I'm going to figure out a reasonable deadline for me to finish the rewrite and attempt to meet it. Then, who knows?

Over the next few days, I'll be posting some specific highlights/insights/comments etc from the panels I attended.

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