Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Write every day (or stating the obvious)

One thing reinforced at the con -- although by no means for the first time -- was that I must actually WRITE if I am to get anywhere. One panellist said he had no sympathies for any 'writer' who complains about being too busy with work, family, socialising, TV, blogging, facebook etc and allows such distractions to prevent them from writing. Being a writer is hard work. It's about carving out time every day to keep moving forward (like Mr Gaiman's shark) -- whether before work, after work, during work (or more accurately lunch breaks).

OK, so I've had my kick up the backside (again) and have thus been writing a bit this evening. Not much has been produced, alas, but so long as I write a paragraph every day I will keep inching forward. The idea of course is that a single paragraph actually expands into a page or so, but for now I'll take the paragraph as an indication that I'm keeping within the story. There is definitely a 'fitness' element to writing: I know from experience that if I write every day I am far more productive in any given time, plus am more able to make use of short time windows. (I spent some time this evening reading over past chapters to refamiliarise myself.)

I plead all this as an excuse for not yet posting more about the con panels. I still have pages of notes, so will definitely get around to this eventually, but am trying to adhere to the maxim that 'writers write'. It's so damn obvious.

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