Monday, 18 October 2010

e-ticketing gets tricksy

Travelling is such a different experience these days. Everything is e-ticketed and booked online, leaving one with very little tangible evidence of a forthcoming journey. I've been drifting toward Thursday's departure quite happily, the date burned in my brain, secure in the knowledge that all I need to do is rock up to the airport at the required time with a valid passport...

Everything was fine until I decided to log into Thai Airways' system this evening to see if I could choose my seat. Five minutes later, I was mildly panicking, because no matter what number I plugged in, my booking reference number was not recognised. Breathe.... breathe....

It's OK, I can call tomorrow and confirm everything, I'm telling myself. It's probably just the dodgy Thai Airways computer system. So I decided to check my British Airways flight (between Barcelona and London), figuring that if that flight was in the system, my travel agent must have done the other correctly as well.

As one might expect, the BA web site is quite a few cuts above the Thai Airways site, and .... thank god, my booking reference number was recognised and I was in the system. I have a flight to London! But what astounded and relieved me no end was that all my Thai Airways flights are in there as well. I suppose Thai Airways must be partnered with BA somehow. By this stage I didn't care that I couldn't choose a seat, I was/am so relieved that I have a flight on Thursday.

On the BA 'manage my booking' web site I was also able to enter my passport details (which it was demanding), phone and email contact details, and also my Qantas frequent flyer number. I hadn't even realised that Qantas and Thai Airways were affiliated for frequent flyer miles.

So I think I can breathe easy now, fairly certain I actually have a seat on Thursday's flights to Bangkok and then Paris, even if I don't know what seats they are. After that little experience, it's hard to decide whether the e-ticketing trend provides more or less peace of mind. Comme Ci, Comme Ça, I think.

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  1. Yes, surely you must have flights! How horrible though to have had to experience that anxiety. But maybe this means you've had your share for the trip so everything else will be smooth sailing -- er flying! Have a fantastic time -- can't wait to catch up when you're back. Make sure you take plenty of photos!