Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Gallivanting with gadgets (the trial run)

Today I took my new toys -- kindle and baby computer -- on a trial run to Sydney. I had good opportunity to put baby computer through its paces, since our meeting was delayed and we had to sit around in Sydney airport for an hour and a half.

So I fired up the computer on the plane first, and actually wrote for about half an hour! Although unfortunately it was work stuff I was writing, not novel. I learnt that right-elbow room is a challenge, so might try to get either a right window seat, or seat with aisle to the right for the big flight to Paris... Only problem was that the flight to Sydney is too short to get much done, by the time you wait for cruising altitude to be reached and then have to switch off when the descent commences.

At the airport I fired up once again in a cafe and continued writing my article, while enjoying a coffee and toasted sandwich. I rather assumed that Sydney Airport would offer free WiFi, but they don't officially. I went out to the food court and found an unsecured free network, but it wasn't ideal. Nevertheless, baby computer did its part well.

The return flight was the time to bring out the kindle -- since I was far too exhausted by four hours of back-to-back meetings to do much else. I deliberately didn't switch-off during take-off and landing, since I wanted to see whether they would make me. They didn't! I guess it may vary between airlines, but it looks like e-readers (of the e-ink variety) aren't classified as gadgets that could crash the plane.

So all in all the trial run was very successful and satisfactory! (And now my boss has baby computer envy... I should get a commission from Samsung for the number of people who have expressed intentions to go out and get one!)

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