Saturday, 2 October 2010

In preparatory mode

I have been far too preoccupied with getting organised for travel to write anything in the past couple of weeks. My list of 'things to do' seems endless! On top of getting stuff ready to take away (making sure baby computer has the required content, configuring kindle, finalising all the bits and pieces etc), I am making the house/garden habitable for a house-sitter, and ticking off various appointments (cat to eye specialist, new glasses for me...).

At the moment, my garden is one of the things consuming me the most. Last weekend, this weekend and probably next weekend as well, I am weeding, pruning, repotting etc. All stuff that really can't wait another 3 months. At least the sun has finally come out and I can soak up some vitamin D -- particularly since I'm headed for another winter and won't see proper sun until January!

On top of weekends spent communing/battling with nature, there are a fair few social engagements, a spot of renovation, and evenings recovering in front of the TV, multitasking with a laptop. The list keeps getting longer as I think of things I want to get done. Next is an instruction manual for my house-sitter -- including how to avoid getting killed by the devilcat.

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